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Hi, I’m Haley! I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin and have always had a love for baking. After trying the classic college route for a semester, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me and took a break to figure some things out. After a bit of self-reflection, I decided to enroll in a baking program and found my place in the Baking & Pastry Management Program at Waukesha County Technical College. I got to learn a ton of techniques, test new equipment, and sample SO many things (seriously, I would love to know the amount of bread I consumed in those two years but, then again, maybe I don’t). Through school, an internship at a bakery in the Milwaukee Public Market, creating desserts for summer events at Parkside 23, and experimenting in my home kitchen, I found my niches.

As long as I can be creative and work with great flavors, I’m happy.

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why lucky one?

The Lucky One name came from a casual conversation with a friend at my restaurant job. We were chatting about random things and I mentioned that I have been saving my one-dollar bills from serving and bartending in a big jar for years now, depositing them into my savings every year with the intention of using them for a baking venture in the future. She said something along the lines of “when you open a bakery, you should name it something like ‘Lucky One’” and I immediately loved the idea (Thanks, Allison!). I’d spent a quite a bit of time brainstorming a name for a potential business and could never find something that felt right, until this random conversation. Besides the literal significance of the name, it’s also taken on a few other meanings.

I feel incredibly grateful to be able to pursue something that I love and with so much support from family and friends. Also, I love being part of those happy moments and celebrations of life that others feel lucky to be a part of: weddings, graduations, birthdays, babies, promotions, the list goes on and on! The name itself came from a “lucky”, arbitrary conversation and that couldn’t be more fitting.

LOBC About2 - Lucky One Bakery
LOBC Winter - Lucky One Bakery

In love with your cookies!

“We’re in awe and love with your cookies, and they made Em’s Birthday celebration even more special! Thank you, so much!”

– Amy,
Winter Birthday Cookies

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